The Domain

      Unfortunately we are unable to take any orders at the moment due to ill health. 
  • The largest standard cat pen we make at 240 cubic feet of space (6·8 cubic metres)
  • The cat run in the picture has been fitted out with a range of shelves and ladders to create a play area for several cats. It also shows the optional 'stable door' instead of the usual full-height door. Please note, our pens are now only available in white. 
  • A superb home or adventure playground for several cats, particularly when fitted out with lots of shelves, ramps and branches.
  • Can be supplied without the rear panel or without one of the side walls and with fixing brackets to attach it to a house, around a window or over a back door to allow your cats to have the run of the house and access to a secure outdoors area.
  • We can build a custom size to suit the size of your windows or doors.
  • Can also be used as a stud pen or breeding pen by putting a Stacker or Chalet cat pen inside to keep the Queen and Tom separate until they have got to know each other.
  • Different breeders have different ideas on what makes a good stud pen – if you have any particular preference for size, design or furnishings, we will be pleased to hear from you to discuss your requirements.
  • Designed to sit directly on the ground and does not come with flooring and cannot be fitted with castors. 
  • The image above shows the Doman. Please note, the shelves, litter tray and ladders are not included. 
  • If The Domain does not exactly fit your requirements for a larger pen, please see our Custom Cages.
WOW! Wish I had found your website before. These pens are just wonderful! Thank you so much for getting these out to me so quickly.