Unfortunately we are unable to take any orders at the moment due to ill health. 
  • A versatile cat pen that can be used in three different ways.
  • The image above shows the Standard cat cage with three shelves and a full middle floor. Please note, the shelf and casters are not included. Please also note, our pens are now only available in white. 
  • As two Mews-style pet enclosures with the top separated from the bottom by the middle floor.
  • With a removable, recessed litter tray fitted in the middle floor so cats can access both levels.
  • Without a middle floor to make one large cat enclosure.
  • With strategically placed shelves, ramps, bridges and perhaps a small branch so that cats can have their own adventure playground.
  • A large enclosure that can be positioned outside on a permanent basis or wheeled inside if on casters.
Many thanks for the 'Mansion', I put it up straight away and it's going to be worth every penny! And thanks for the castors, they've actually proven to be really useful.