Kittening Pen

      Unfortunately we are unable to take any orders at the moment due to ill health. 
  • Designed to house a queen and her kittens safely.
  • Cat run is large enough for growing kittens to play while keeping them out of reach of other cats who may be aggressive towards them.
  • Kittening box can be placed under the top door to give access from above without escapees.
  • Top door can be left open so the queen can jump out for a breather while the young kittens will be kept safe until they are old enough to clamber themselves.
  • A half-roof may be added to the Penthouse Products Kittening Pen for added comfort for queen and kittens
  • The Kittening Pen and Mews are identical except that the Mews does not have a door in the top panel.
The image above shows the Standard pen with a shelf. Please note, the shelf and casters are not included.
Our second kitten pen delivered at 10am this morning, great service. If all companies gave this level, we really would be able to say Great Britain! So a huge thank you from Barbecco Siamese and Orientals