• One of our smallest cat enclosures though still large enough for a litter tray, feeding bowl and bed.
  • Space-saving as the door is on the corner.
  • A pair of Chalet cat cages can be made to stack one on top of the other (this to be specified at the time of order).
  • Excellent as a short-term holding cat cage or as your pet's sleeping or escape area.
The image above shows the Standard pen. Please note, the shelves, casters and litter tray pictured are not included.

The Chalet cat cage from Penthouse Products can be particularly useful as a temporary enclosure when moving house as the cat is contained in safety while getting used to new sights and smells. For advice on this and other feline behaviours, see Anita Kelsey at Cat Behaviourist.
The pen arrived safely at start of the week. Many, many thanks for sending the pen which will be used in combination with the kittening pen previously purchased.