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  • Available as a Standard or Deep cat cage model
  • Comes as 1, 2 or 3 tier cat cage, on top of each other
  • Each tier is two cat pens side-by-side separated by a stainless steel mesh partition. Solid plastic partitions can be purchased if preferred, see Related Products below.
  • Partitions can be easily removed to double the size of each cat enclosure.
  • 1-tier cat pens can be supplied to stack on top of each other, with removable floors fitted between tiers as standard.
  • The floors can have removable cat litter trays within the floors to allow or restrict feline movement between tiers.
The photo shows a Standard depth, 3-tier Apartment from Penthouse Products. The top two tiers have solid partitions to create four separate cat cages and the bottom section has the partition removed to make one long cat run. Castors are sold separately.  
I wanted to thank you for your wonderfully fast service, and your brilliant product. Both of our cats immediately wanted to be in it…and have been taking their naps in it completely out of choice.