Corner Cabin

Unfortunately we are unable to take any orders at the moment due to ill health. 
  • A space-saving option as this pet cage fits into a corner.
  • The trap door in the roof can be left open for roof access for the cat. 
  • Can be supplied with a full middle floor to create two individual cat enclosures or with a partial floor (as shown) for a variety of climbing and perching options within one cage.
  • Please specify at time of order if you would like a full or partial floor.
  • Standard size only
  • When choosing shelves, select the options for Narrow and Standard models 
The image above shows a Corner Cabin pen with a partial floor and two shelves. Please note, the shelves, casters and litter tray are not included.
Many years ago, whilst working for Cats Protection in Somerset, I bought the best cat item I have ever used! Our queen/kittening pen from you has lasted nearly 20 years, we think!